The foundation

The foundation’s creation all started with Mina Ichoua’s niece serious condition who was unfortunately born with a malformation spine caused by the Recklinghausen illness.

Moroccan doctors all agreed that she had to have surgery from French specialists, as no Moroccan medical center was able to carry out such surgeries at this time.

As Mina Ichoua had no social security or medical coverage for her needs, she had to pay most of the surgery and medical bills from her own.

She had then the privilege to meet in her struggle Professor Jean-Luc Clement of Lenval Hospital located in Nice who told her that the case of her niece was not an isolated one and that he had often met people from African Countries who could not afford such surgery or medical treatment in France.

According to his words, more than 30 children are dying of this illness every day in Africa alone.

There was born the wish and the ambition in Mina’s heart to create a foundation for the purpose of giving support to those in great and desperate needs and those who are unable to help themselves. Mina is very grateful for Professor Clement help and assistance in this journey.

Today the Josephine Medical Foundation is in place and with the financial support of good hearted people it will be ready to provide help to people in need and help to heal children from all continents but especially from Africa and the Middle East.


Another vision had Mina is to assist elderly in need, provide housing and taking care of them by building retirement homes, facilities and providing medical care.

The first step will be to build a hospital in Morocco and hire the required specialists and professional medical staff who would be able to operate and treat ill children as well as housing for the parents and relatives of these children.

Every child shall be able to benefit of our T.L.C: Tender Loving Care.

With his valuable experience and his expertise, Professor Clement assisted by French doctors and specialists will help to train and qualify our staff until we will be able to excel and meet the challenges all by ourselves.

Professional training will be offered to the youth which cannot be without education or employment. Employment opportunities will be offered through the many projects of our foundation.

People who are discriminated, rejected or ill-treated will find a shelter and support in our foundation.

Anyone in need will find an open door and open heart day and night.

Josephine Medical Foundation will be committed to treat everyone as equal, regardless of color, race or belief.

We welcome your generous support in all aspects of our activities and trust in the faithfulness of all our members and partners, today and in the future.


Your support is welcome, please contact us.